Saturday, 27 June 2009

We are looking for funds to publish two books...

  • MON EK RONGIN PRITHIBI: Discourses on psyche, idiocy, madness and mental disability (in Bengali)
  • MANUSH AMI, DHADHA NOI (A Person, Not A Puzzle): An effort to demystify the issues of autism and autistic rights
Both the books are ready to go for printing...just awaiting funds Interested to support? Please contact: Executive Director, Disability Bangladesh

Our major accomplishments

  • Facilitated and Published National Translation of CRPD (together with ActionAid, ADD and NFOWD)
  • Published Posters on the occasion of 1st World Autism Awareness Day (together with ActionAid and NFOWD)
  • Produced TV spot on Equal Rights of Children with Disabilities (together with NFOWD)
  • Produced a Documentary Film on Rights of Children with Disabilities (together with NFOWD)
  • Organised 3-day long Film Show on the occasion of International Day of Persons With Disabilities 2008
  • Bengali translation of Disability and Human Rights in Bangladesh (for ADD)
  • Disability Anthology (for ActionAid Bangladesh)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Who we are...

  • A multi-disciplinary team
  • Unity and Diversity in team
  • Believers of equal rights and dignity of persons with disabilities
  • Promoters of disability-pride
  • Experienced to work on the issues of disability and development from a rights-based approach
  • Concrete work experience on CRPD and its further development process
  • A registered non-profit

We offer...

  • Program development skills and technical supports
  • Project cycle management training
  • Fund raising workshop-training
  • Conceptual clarity on disability issues for the DPOs and NGOs
  • Training on CRPD for DPOs and NGOs
  • Training on Rights-Based Approach to Disability and Development
  • Technical support to develop inclusive programmes and organisational policies
  • Holistic Research on various issues
  • Development of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for DPOs and NGOs
  • Carry out evaluation, assessment, appraisals from human-rights based perspectives to disability and development